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is easier than ever.

Shop wherever you find your favorite products. Experience ad-free shopping. Explore new brands and engage with your favorites like a VIP. Unlock exclusive discounts, early-access and rewards.
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Shop Everywhere. Ad-free.

Shop directly from videos, comments, and DMs without leaving the app. Did we mention there's no ads?

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Discover New Brands.

Find new brands and products based on your unique interests and interact with your favorite brands like a VIP.

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Socialize & Share With Others.

Connect with like-minded people, share your favorite finds and create videos to earn exclusive rewards.

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Exclusive Discounts & Rewards.

Unlock a variety of exclusive rewards from your favorite brands like discounts, early access & more.


We’re here to make your shopping experience easier than ever.

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What is Rocket?

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Rocket is a new shopping app available for free on the App Store & Google Play that lets you discover new products, interact with your favorite brands, socialize with like-minded people, earn exclusive rewards, and most importantly, shop without ever leaving the app.

How does Rocket’s in-app shopping feature work?

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Every product you see on Rocket - whether you find it in a video, comment or DM - is shoppable and you can purchase all of your favorite products without ever leaving the app. You can build a cart with multiple brands and even share with one-click if you want someone else to pay for it!

How does Rocket reward users with exclusive discounts and rewards?

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Brands create a variety of rewards for Rocket shoppers. For example, a brand might reward you with a discount for making a video with their product in it, or give you early access to an upcoming collection for simply engaging with them in a certain way! The possibilities are endless.

Can I use Rocket to shop from all my favorite brands?

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You can find a variety of brands on Rocket and we’re constantly adding new ones too! For now, you’ll find a lot of your favorite cosmetic & fashion brands (plus some new ones you never knew you needed).

Is Rocket free to download?

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Yes, the Rocket app is entirely free. It’s available for download on the Apple App Store. Android version is coming soon!